Nevada Legal & Estate Document Services

NV Legal Docs is one of Nevada’s leading Registered Legal Document Preparation Service Companies.  Our services are specifically designed for people and business owners who seek to create a Will, a Living Trust, or an Estate Plan efficiently and affordably. We focus on providing the best most up-to-date estate planning documents specifically for Nevada based clients.

Summary of our Services
  • We Prepare Your Estate Planning Documents
  • Nevada Specific Legal Docs
  • Legal Docs Designed & Maintained by Attorneys
  • All documents printed & Notarized when complete
  • Compliance Review of your Existing Will or Trust
  • You Prepare Your Estate Planning Documents
  • Easy to use on-line questionnaire
  • State-of-the-Art Intuitive Doc Application System
  • Legal estate documents ready for signature when completed
  • NV Alliance
  • Optional Legal Document Review from an Attorney
  • Flat-fee pricing
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Objective Analysis of existing policy
  • Insurance Policy Compared to 56 Carriers
  • Digital Storage & Film Production Services
  • Free Educational Seminars
  • Monthly Seminars
  • Available to Organizations & Businesses
Flexible Document Preparation Options
Option 1: We Prepare Your Estate Planning Documents
  • Simple Solution: Typically our clients ask us to prepare their estate planning documents for them. After meeting and gathering information needed, we will prepare a draft for your review. Once approved we will prepare your legal documents, print them, then schedule a signing appointment with our notary. It’s that simple!
  • Dedicated to Estate Planning: NV Legal Docs is 100% committed to Estate Planning Services. Many of our competitors are generalists who provide documents for civil, real estate, business and family law. We are specialists with a single-minded goal. Protect your estate – preserve your legacy-provide the right documentation.
  • Quality Legal Documents: All the legal documents offered through NV Legal Docs, LLC have been carefully researched and drafted by experienced, highly-qualified, licensed attorneys.
  • Nevada Specific: The content within our legal documents are reviewed and revised to comply with Nevada State or Federal statutes.
  • We guide you. We are not attorneys we cannot represent you or provide you legal advice. We “guide” you through the process. It is important to determine your estate planning goals. We can recommend the correct legal documents or package that you need to achieve your goals.
  • Call or Email to Get Started: Keep it simple. Call or send us an email to set up your free consultation. This is a terrific opportunity to become educated on Estates, Estate Planning, Probate, and our firm’s services. We look forward to helping you!
Option 2: Self-Prepare Documents On-Line with our easy application

Easy to Use: Access our legal online document preparation application. Simply go to START , register, read the instructions and get started.

  • Step-By-Step Intuitive Questionnaire: It’s intuitive, populates itself, & produces a customized estate plan.
  • Quality Documents: Our strategic document partner employs professional attorneys who draft and maintain our legal documents.
  • Network Support: Our strategic partner employs an outstanding team of network technicians who provide us top-tier document creation and delivery for our Do-it-Yourself Clientele.
  • Ready for Signature: Once you have completed the application questionnaire, your documents are ready for signature and filing immediately.

Getting your Will or Trust Online Makes Sense

Joanna Grossman, a Law Professor at Hofstra University has this to say about the use of online document preparation services like those offered through NV Legal Docs: “Getting an online will makes sense if your finances & circumstances are uncomplicated, but most people don’t know whether they do, in fact, have a simple situation”. “If you go the do-it-yourself route, be sure to have the will properly witnessed, says Betsy Simmons, and estate-planning attorney. (Jane Bennett Clark, Kiplinger 2/28/10). At NV Legal Docs we offer full service preparation as well as on-line do-it-yourself solutions. Give us a call today to get started.

Option 3: NV Alliance-Attorney Review

As a Nevada Licensed Document Preparation firm, we are very familiar with estate planning services and law firms in Nevada. We profiled and interviewed several estate planning attorneys to find the right fit for our NV Alliance referral program.

At your request we will refer you to an attorney who can review an existing estate plan, review your new plan, or provide you confidential legal advice on a complex estate issue.

NV Alliance Program   

  • Flat-Fee Attorney Review: We offer a flat-fee legal review of your estate plan through an attorney. We advocate avoiding expensive attorney drawn estate documents.
  • Attorney Profiled: NV Alliance Attorneys have been interviewed by NV Legal Docs, LLC and subjected to extensive due-diligence by our company before we refer them to our customers.
  • Independent Estate Planning Specialists: Our selected Attorneys specialize in estate planning.
  • Review Your Existing Will or Trust: It is a good idea to have your Trust reviewed every five years (a Will less frequently). If you are approaching retirement or have had life changes you should have a review. This service is also available for a flat-fee through a NV Alliance referral.

Three Additional Services

I. Life Insurance Needs Analysis

We are not a life insurance product sales company. If you are interested in exploring Life Insurance as an aspect of your comprehensive estate plan, our licensed staff can provide a written needs analysis and range of benefit options. If you have an existing policy this analysis will evaluate your effective rate of return and determine if it is competitive.  

  • Analysis of Current Insurance/Annuity Policies: We provide a written assessment of the suitability, annual cost, and imbedded annual return analysis of policies you currently own.
  • Older Policies Have Poor Earnings: Our analysis will determine your “net annual returns” and let you know if your policy is still competitive.
  • How Much Insurance is Needed? Some insurance sales people “oversell” the amount of death benefit needed our “needs analysis” gives you a range of affordable options.
  • Type of Insurance: We analyze the type of insurance policy that best suits your needs & budget.
  • Estate Planning Specialists =Life Insurance Sales Person There are 1.25 million licensed Life Insurance agents in the US, some good and some bad Be aware that the term “Estate Planning Specialist” usually equates with Life Insurance Sales
  • Have a question? Contact us.
II. Unique Digital & Video Services
  • Digital Film Recording Services through our production company affiliate
  • Unalterable proof of intentions and directives
  • Time-stamped video-reading of Will/Trust- Evidence in court cases/family disputes
  • All legal documents digitally stored along with video
  • Life Stories and Family Heritage narrative preserved for generations
  • Ask us about these services or go to Tribute Films
III. Educational Seminars & Events

NV Legal Docs is locally owned and operated in Nevada. We provide free estate planning seminars and workshops to companies and service organizations throughout the state.  

Our “Trust-in-a-Box” seminar program dispels many preconceptions regarding estate planning:

  • What is an Estate Plan, a Spendthrift Trust, Probate, a HIPAA Doc etc.
  • Estate Planning-Not just for those over 70
  • Why every homeowner needs a Trust
  • A Will is a Will-unless you have the wrong Will

Our programs are informative, entertaining. If your company or organization would like to know more about our programs, contact us. We look forward to providing you with one of our finest services.

Go to EVENTS for our current schedule 

Entertaining & Informative

The NV Legal Docs “Trust-in-a-Box” seminar was incredible. Their clever use of video clips was both educational & entertaining. The attorney and the rest of their team outlined the A-Z’s on estate planning, probate, & medical directives in a way that made it easily for us to understand. We now have a Living Trust we are proud of. Thank you, NV Legal Docs, Mr. & Mrs. Harrison, Reno, NV May 2017

We look forward to working with you.

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